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Pinned Article Zoom: Log into Zoom Using SSO (Single Sign-On) at UT ⭐️

Zoom Login: When signing in to Zoom for class or meetings, use the SSO (Single Sign-On) option.

Zoom: Access Account

How to access your UT Zoom account.

Zoom: Access Meeting Controls

How to quickly access meeting controls as a host of a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Activate Microphone

Instructions for activating microphone in Zoom.

Zoom: Add Pronouns

How to add pronouns to your UTK Zoom account.

Zoom: Allow Participants to Share Screen

How to allow a participant to share their screen in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Alternative Host vs Schedule Privilege

Information about the difference between Alternative Host and Schedule Privilege and how to assign them.

Zoom: Assign a Co-Host

How to assign a co-host in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Assign a New Participant to a Breakout Room

How to add a new meeting participant to a Breakout Room after the rooms have been opened.

Zoom: Assign Participants to Breakout Rooms Before a Meeting

How to assign participants to breakout rooms before a meeting starts.

Zoom: Automatic Transcription or Live Captions

How to enable live transcription (captions) in a meeting.

Zoom: Automatically Record All Meetings

How to update settings to automatically record Zoom meetings to the Zoom Cloud.

Zoom: Communicate in a Meeting as a Participant

How to communicate with others in a Zoom meeting as a participant.

Zoom: Communicate with Meeting Host from a Breakout Room

How to communicate with a meeting host from a breakout room.

Zoom: Create a Poll or Quiz

How to create a poll or quiz in Zoom.

Zoom: Create Breakout Rooms

Instructions for configuring/creating breakout rooms in Zoom.

Zoom: Customize Chat Tool

How to customize the Zoom chat tool online and in the Zoom desktop application.

Zoom: Customize Waiting Room

How to customize the Waiting Room feature for Zoom meetings

Zoom: Did Not Receive Confirmation Email

What to do if you did not receive the confirmation email after creating your UT Zoom account.

Zoom: Download Zoom

Instructions for downloading and updating Zoom.

Zoom: Download Zoom Cloud Recording

How to download a Zoom Cloud Recording.

Zoom: Edit Recording

How to edit a Zoom Cloud Recording.

Zoom: Enhance Video Quality

How to enhance the video quality during a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Find Link for Class Meeting

How to find the link for an online class Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Generate a Participant Report or a Poll Report

How to create a report to view participant attendance or polling results.

Zoom: Host Concurrent Meetings

Hosts are not able to lead multiple meetings at the same time.

Zoom: Immersive View

How to activate immersive view for Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Integrate Outlook Calendar with Zoom Meetings

How to integrate your Outlook Calendar with your Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Invite Participants

How to invite participants to Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Join a Meeting via Phone Call

How to join a Zoom meeting via phone call.

Zoom: Launch Polls as an Alternative Host

How to launch, edit, or add polls as an alternative host in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Leave a Meeting

How to leave a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Locate Meeting Recording

How to locate your Zoom meeting recording.

Zoom: Lock Meeting

How to lock a Zoom meeting to prevent additional participants from joining.

Zoom: Meeting Link Expiration

Information about expiration times for Zoom meeting links.

Zoom: Meeting Roles

Information about the different roles available in Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Move Chat and Participant Window

How to move the chat and/or the participant windows from the toolbar during a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Move Participants in Breakout Rooms

How to move participants to different breakout rooms while the rooms are open.

Zoom: No Webcam

Options for Zoom meeting participants who do not have a webcam.

Zoom: Non-Verbal Feedback Icons

Options for non-verbal feedback during Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Pin Participant Video

How to pin or spotlight a participant's video in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Play Audio Over Classroom Speakers

If Zoom is not playing over your classroom speakers, but your computer will play sound, you need to adjust Zoom so it knows to play sound over your classroom speakers as well.

Zoom: Rearrange Content Layout During a Screen Share

How to rearrange the layout of content during a Screen Share activity in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Record a Meeting

How to record a Zoom meeting locally or to the Zoom Cloud.

Zoom: Record Breakout Rooms

Options for recording Breakout Room content in Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Rename Breakout Rooms

How to change the names for Breakout Rooms in Zoom.

Zoom: Restore Cloud Recording from Trash

How to restore a Zoom Cloud Recording that has been deleted/moved to trash.

Zoom: Review Security Settings in a Meeting

How to check security settings in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Schedule a Meeting

How to schedule a meeting in the Zoom Desktop application, via Canvas, or via

Zoom: Security Icon on the Toolbar

Information about the security icon on the toolbar in Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Send Message or Broadcast Audio to Breakout Rooms

How to send a message or broadcast audio to participants in their breakout rooms as a host.

Zoom: Share Cloud Recording

How to share a Zoom Cloud Recording.

Zoom: Share Content to All Breakout Rooms

How to share content will all breakout rooms as a host.

Zoom: Share Content with

How to share content in a Zoom Room or from a tablet or mobile device that does not have the Zoom client installed.

Zoom: Share iPhone Screen from a Desktop Meeting

Zoom is capable of iOS screen sharing from iPhone and iPad while using the Zoom desktop client.

Zoom: Share Screen

How to share your screen in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Share Screen on Android Phone

instructions on connecting an Android phone to Zoom meeting for classrooms

Zoom: Share Screen on iPhone

Instructions for sharing screen on iPhone in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Share Video and Audio in a Meeting

How to share audio and video in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Suspend Participant Activities

How to mute all participants and end a share screen activity at the same time.

Zoom: Transfer Files in a Meeting

How to enable and use the file transfer feature in Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Troubleshoot Audio Issues

How to troubleshoot audio issues in Zoom.

Zoom: Troubleshoot Webcam Issues

How to troubleshoot issues with webcam video in Zoom.

Zoom: Update Meeting Settings

How to locate and update meeting settings in Zoom.

Zoom: Use Two Monitors

How to update settings to use two monitors for Zoom.