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Pinned Article Zoom: Log in to Zoom Using SSO (Single Sign-On) at UT ⭐️

Zoom Login: When signing in to Zoom for class or meetings, use the SSO (Single Sign-On) option.

Zoom: Add Pronouns

How to add pronouns to your UTK Zoom account.

Zoom: Canvas Integration

Information about the Zoom/Canvas Integration and how to access course Zoom Cloud Recordings.

Zoom: Communicate in a Meeting as a Participant

How to communicate with others in a Zoom meeting as a participant.

Zoom: Did Not Receive Confirmation Email

What to do if you did not receive the confirmation email after creating your UT Zoom account.

Zoom: Find Link for Class Meeting

How to find the link for an online class Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Generate an Attendance Report or a Poll Report

How to create a report to view participant attendance or polling results.

Zoom: Host Concurrent Meetings

Hosts are not able to lead multiple meetings at the same time.

Zoom: Integrate Outlook Calendar with Zoom Meetings

How to integrate your Outlook Calendar with your Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Invite Participants

How to invite participants to Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Join a Meeting

How to join a Zoom meeting via Meeting ID, Meeting Link, or phone call.

Zoom: Leave a Meeting

How to leave a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: License Types

Information about Zoom license types for your UT Zoom account.

Zoom: Meeting Link Expiration

Information about expiration times for Zoom meeting links.

Zoom: No Webcam

Options for Zoom meeting participants who do not have a webcam.

Zoom: Schedule a Meeting

How to schedule a meeting in the Zoom Desktop application, via Canvas, or via

Zoom: Use Two Monitors

How to update settings to use two monitors for Zoom.