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Creating an Echo360 (Turning) Account (for Instructors)

This article covers how to create a TurningTechnologies PointSolutions Echo360 account for instructors.

Creating an Echo360 (Turning) Account (for Students)

This article covers how to create a Echo360/TurningTechnologies account for students.

Creating and Scheduling Asynchronous Clicker Content (for Instructors)

This article summarizes how instructors can create and schedule clicker content for delivery at a later date or time using the PointSolutions instructor website.

Emailing Students from your PointSolutions Instructor Account

As an Instructor, you can email participants enrolled in your courses to remind them that they need to create an account, register a license, or a device.

Enabling Mobile Responses on the TurningPoint Desktop application for Instructors

Step-by-step instructions for enabling Mobile responses on the TurningPoint Desktop application.

Google Slides Q&A

google slides question and answer feature

How do I set up Zoom to Play Audio Over My Classroom Speakers when using a Laptop?

If Zoom is not playing over your classroom speakers, but your computer will play sound, you need to adjust Zoom so it knows to play sound over your classroom speakers as well.

How to register an Echo360 Account if you do not see the verification email (for Students)

This article includes step-by-step instructions for students to proceed with Echo360 account registration in the event that they do not receive a confirmation email.

How to Upload Clicker Grades to Canvas

This article contains instructions for uploading and syncing clicker grades with your Canvas gradebook

LinkedIn Learning: Access Account ⭐️

This article will provide instructions on how to access LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning: Recommend a Learning Path

How to recommend or share a LinkedIn Learning curated learning path.

My PowerPoint presentation on my Mac is not displaying properly on the projector.

This article will provide steps to get a PowerPoint presentation to display properly on a projector.

Optimizing PowerPoint Audio Narration for Microsoft 365

This article will provide instructions on how to optimize media compatibility for narration in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint: Record Your Screen

How to use PowerPoint for screen recording.

Proctorio: Desktop Pre-Check Fails on macOS

If you are trying to take a Proctorio quiz on a Mac, but cannot get past the Desktop Sharing pre-check, follow these instructions to resolve the issue.

Proctorio: Exam Requesting An Access Code

The following guides students the correct procedure to remove an access code from an exam that should not be requiring one. Also to further stop the action from reoccurring in the future.

Sharing iPhone Screen from a Desktop Zoom Meeting

Zoom is capable of iOS screen sharing from iPhone and iPad while using the Zoom desktop client.

Taking Location-Based Attendance with Clickers

Step-by-step instructions for taking attendance through your Turning Instructor account using TurningPoint Web. This tutorial also covers th eoptiona location-based attendance setting.

Turn On Live Subtitles and Captions in PowerPoint from Microsoft 365

This article will provide instructions on how to turn on Live Subtitles and Captions in PowerPoint from Office 365.

Using a Mobile Device as a PointSolutions Clicker (for Students)

How to use your mobile device (phone, tablet, or laptop) as a response device in your class.

What is PowerPoint Live?

This article will describe the features of PowerPoint Live and provide instructions on how to get started using it.

What to do if a student registers their clicker late (for instructors) - Re-upload previous session grades

Intended for instructors, this article covers what to do if a student registers their clicker late and provides an overview of student account registration from the instructor's perspective.

What’s the difference between HDMI and VGA in the classroom?

This article explains the difference between HDMI and VGA cables.

Why students may not see Canvas grades for clicker account responses

This articles covers next steps for instructors and students in the event that Canvas grades are not appearing for clicker account responses.

WolfVision Cynap: Getting Started

This article will provide a link the the Cynap classroom technology resource page.