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What clickers are currently supported at UTK? 

UTK supports the devices below, pictured left to right: QT and QT2. Only the QT2 device is available at The VOLSHOP. The white QT device is no longer manufactured; however, it will function with your PointSolutions account subscription. UTK also supports mobile device usage including smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets, and laptops.

Images of clickers use at UTK

Where can I purchase a clicker?

The clicker devices are available from The VOLSHOP or online via the Echo360 online store.

Can I have more than one clicker? 

A student can register more than one clicker device to their account. However, they can only use one device at a time. It is NOT recommended to have more than one clicker device. Never use a mobile device and a physical clicker in the same class period (on the same day). You can use a mobile device and a physical clicker on different days, however, it is always better to stick with the same device throughout the semester, if possible.

What if my clicker is defective? 

All students should contact Echo360 directly to report defective clicker devices. If the device is deemed defective and the student is due a replacement device, PointSolutions will issue a notice to the student via email that the student can print and submit to The VOLSHOP. Echo360 can be reached at 1-877-ECHO360 ext 2 (1-877-324-6360 ext 2).

Do I need a PointSolutions Account? 

All UTK students enrolled in a course using PointSolutions for classroom polling must create a PointSolutions account through Echo360. They must use their address. The PointSolutions account provides the options for polling with a clicker device and/or any mobile device via the PointSolutions app or the website.

Do I need a subscription to use PointSolutions? 

All students have a license applied to their account as part of TechFee. You just need to activate the account.

Can I use the Echo360 Account subscription on Canvas and is the account subscription good for all my classes? 

The Echo360 account subscription is valid for the Canvas Learning Management Systems (LMS) and all classes. Students must link their Canvas and PointSolutions accounts for their clicker grades to connect. You will do this during the account registration process.

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