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Clicker Technology for Students - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Clickers by Students.

Clickers: Display PointSolutions Session ID in a PowerPoint Presentation

How to set up a pop-up window to display the clicker session ID in a PowerPoint.

Clickers: Display Question Options Only on Devices

This article will walk you through changing the Session Options so students will only view the response options on their device when using the PointSolutions desktop application.

Clickers: Email Students from your PointSolutions Instructor Account

As an Instructor, you can email participants enrolled in your courses to remind them that they need to create an account, register a license, or a device.

Clickers: Enabling Mobile Responses from Students (Instructors)

Step-by-step instructions for enabling Mobile responses on the TurningPoint Desktop application.

Clickers: PointSolutions Scheduled Session - Requiring Participant Sign-In

The Scheduled Poll feature within the PointSolutions Web app now requires you to toggle on "Require Participant Sign-in."
Prior to this requirement, students who were properly registered within PointSolutions appeared as a guest within their course; therefore, not receiving credit for their responses.
If you use the Scheduled Polling feature within PointSolutions Web, you will need to adjust the settings within your account in order to fully resolve the issue for your students.

Clickers: Review PointSolutions Session Results by Participant (Instructors)

Step-by-step instructions for reviewing PointSolutions/clicker session details.

Clickers: Taking Location-Based Attendance

Step-by-step instructions for taking attendance through your Turning Instructor account using TurningPoint Web. This tutorial also covers the optional location-based attendance setting.

Clickers: Unlock Clicker

How to unlock a clicker in order to change channels.

Clickers: Update PointSolutions Student Roster

How to update a student roster in PointSolutions from Echo360.

Clickers: Use a Mobile Device as a Clicker

How to use your mobile device (phone, tablet, or laptop) as a response device in your class.