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Learn how to download Panopto presentations. Creator access to the presentation is required.
This article details how you can download presentation slides (.PPT or .KEY) from a Panopto presentation.
Having a hard time deciding between Panopto Desktop Recorder and Panopto Capture? This article details features of both recorders.
Follow these instructions for sharing video(s) with individuals instead of the entire class.
This article shows you how to add a Panopto Video menu button on the left-hand menu of a course in Canvas.
This article details how to enable Creator access in Panopto for your course.
This article will provide directions on how to embed a Panopto video in Canvas or elsewhere.
This article demonstrates how to access and navigate the Panopto video editor. In addition, it provides an overview of the tools and functions available within the Panopto video editor.
Learn how to use the Discussion Moderation feature on your Panopto videos. Learn how to moderate, respond to, remove, and hide comments.
This article details how to edit closed captions or upload closed captions to your Panopto video.
This article covers the function and purpose of different share settings in Panopto, and how to grant or remove access to content.
This article will walk you through how to view Panopto videos in Canvas and how to view Panopto videos outside of Canvas using the Panopto web interface.
This article will provide directions on how to give a GTA or TA access to manage your Panopto content for a course. Changing these settings will allow your GTA or TA to manage Panopto content on your behalf for the course.
This article will provide instructions on how students can access Panopto.
This article addresses how faculty and staff can log into Panopto.