Panopto: Add Quizzes to Videos


Panopto allows you to add simple quizzes to your Panopto videos. You can add multiple questions in multiple places (true/false, multiple choice, select best answer, and fill in the blank) in your Panopto video. This feature also links up with the Canvas gradebook if you make the video an assignment within your Canvas course. Follow these instructions to learn how to embed a quiz in your Panopto video.

Embed quizzes in your Panopto video

Embedding quizzes in a Panopto video requires that you have Creator access to that video. Quizzes are added through the editor function. Follow these instructions from Panopto to add quizzes to your videos. More information on how that links up with Canvas gradebook can be found below.

Viewing Quiz Results

Navigate to the Settings > Quiz Results tab on your video with the embedded quiz. This section will show you quiz results and provides a detailed breakdown for each user. Note that Canvas only provides aggregate information for all of the quizzes embedded in your video. If you want granular information, look at the Settings > Quiz Results section in your individual Panopto video.

Canvas Gradebook

If you wish for your video to be counted as a grade in Canvas, you need to create an assignment in Canvas and embed the video containing the quiz on that assignment page. Again, the gradebook only shows the aggregate score for all of the quiz questions across the entire video. If you want more granular information, navigate to the video Settings > Quiz Results section of your Panopto video to see how students performed on each question.

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