Panopto is a cloud-based lecture capture platform that is fully integrated with Canvas and Zoom. It allows users to record, share, review, and edit video captures from their desktop, laptop, and mobile phones.

Articles (31)

Panopto: Add a PDF to a Presentation

How to add a PDF to a Panopto video. PDFs show up as a stream source within the video but are not downloadable.

Panopto: Add Content to Canvas Using Embed Code

How to place embed codes on a Canvas page.

Panopto: Add Navigation Button to a Canvas Course

How to add a Panopto Video menu button on the left-hand menu of a course in Canvas.

Panopto: Add Quizzes to Videos

How to add quizzes to Panopto videos and how to use them as an assessment tool with Canvas.

Panopto: Add Video Content to a Canvas Course

This article details two main ways to add Panopto video content to your Canvas course though the Rich Content Editor or the Add Item to Module feature.

Panopto: Create an Assignment Folder

How to create an assignment folder in your Panopto course folder in Canvas where students can make video submissions using Panopto.

Panopto: Download Desktop Recorder

How to download the Panopto desktop recorder.

Panopto: Download Presentation Slides

How you can download presentation slides (.PPT or .KEY) from a Panopto presentation.

Panopto: Download Presentations

How to download Panopto presentations. Creator access to the presentation is required.

Panopto: Edit Closed Captions with Panopto Video Editor

How to edit closed captions or upload closed captions to your Panopto video.

Panopto: Embed Video in Canvas or on a Webpage

How to embed a Panopto video in Canvas or on a webpage.

Panopto: Enable Creator Access

How to enable Creator access in Panopto for your course.

Panopto: Enable Recording on a Mac

This article covers the proper security settings on a Mac that are required to record with Panopto Capture browser recorder or the Panopto desktop recorder application. If you are having trouble recording using your Mac and you are not able to share your camera, microphone, or screen, follow these instructions.

Panopto: Grant GTA or TA Access to Manage Course Content

How to give a GTA or TA access to manage your Panopto content for a course. Changing these settings will allow your GTA or TA to manage Panopto content on your behalf for the course.

Panopto: Locate Zoom Cloud Recordings in Panopto

This article describes where Zoom Cloud recordings go in Panopto.

Panopto: Log In

How faculty and staff can log into Panopto.

Panopto: Manage Share Settings

Information about the function and purpose of different share settings in Panopto, and how to grant or remove access to content.

Panopto: Moderate Discussion Threads for Videos

How to use the Discussion Moderation feature on your Panopto videos. Learn how to moderate, respond to, remove, and hide comments.

Panopto: Post a Video to a Canvas Discussion Board Reply

How to submit a Panopto video in a Canvas discussion board reply.

Panopto: Receive Discussion Notifications for a Video

How to receive discussion notifications for videos in Panopto.

Panopto: Safari Not Playing Videos in Canvas

If you are experiencing playback issues while trying to view a Panopto video in Canvas using the Safari browser, follow these instructions to fix the issue.

Panopto: Share Video with an Individual Student

How to share a video(s) with individuals instead of the entire class.

Panopto: Sort Videos in a Folder

This article links to information about how to sort videos inside a Panopto folder.

Panopto: Student Access

Instructions on how students can access Panopto.

Panopto: Submit a Video Assignment in Canvas as a Student

Learn how to submit video assignments using Panopto within Canvas. This is a student-focused article.

Panopto: Use the Discussion, Notes, and Bookmarks Features as a Student

How to use the Discussion, Notes, and Bookmarks feature in the Panopto video player as a student.

Panopto: Using the Video Player

This article will walk you through how to view Panopto videos in Canvas and how to view Panopto videos outside of Canvas using the Panopto web interface.

Panopto: Video Editor Key Features

This article demonstrates how to access and navigate the Panopto video editor. In addition, it provides an overview of the tools and functions available within the Panopto video editor.

Panopto: Copy or Move a Video to Another Folder

How to move and copy video content within the Panopto interface outside of Canvas.

Panopto: Delete Captions from a Video

How to delete captions from a Panopto video.

Compare Panopto Desktop Recorder with Panopto Capture (browser recorder)

Having a hard time deciding between Panopto Desktop Recorder and Panopto Capture? This article details features of both recorders.