Panopto: Share Video with an Individual Student

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Follow these instructions to learn how to share a Panopto video with an individual student. For example - If a student missed class and you only want to share the video with them and not the rest of the class, these are the instructions you should follow.


Navigate to Share Settings Tab for Video

  1. Go to the Panopto Video tab in your Canvas course, or access Panopto outside of Canvas by following these instructions.
  2. Navigate to the Share settings for the video you are trying to share. This can be found by clicking the Share button. You can also hover over the video thumbnail to see the Share button or navigate to the video settings and click on the Share tab.
  3. Enter the student's NetID in the field below People and groups. Their NetID will auto-populate along with their First Name and Last Name. Make sure to select the "UTK-Canvas/NetID" version that pops up. Do not select the "UTK-Canvas-Catalog/NetID" version. See the red box above for more information.
  4. You have the option of sending them a message along with the video link. You can also send a table of contents and transcript with the video (if available).
  5. Click Send when you're ready to share the video with the individual or group.
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