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how to set up a pop up window to display the clicker session ID
This articles covers next steps for instructors and students in the event that Canvas grades are not appearing for clicker account responses.
connecting Canvas class to Turning for grade purposes and data.
This article contains instructions for uploading and syncing clicker grades with your Canvas gradebook
Intended for instructors, this article covers what to do if a student registers their clicker late and provides an overview of student account registration from the instructor's perspective.
Setup Canvas to work with TurningPoint, sync Canvas courses to TurningPoint, and upload grades from TurningPoint to Canvas.
As an Instructor, you can email participants enrolled in your courses to remind them that they need to create an account, register a license, or a device.
This article summarizes how instructors can create and schedule clicker content for delivery at a later date or time using the PointSolutions instructor website.
This article will guide instructors in adding multiple choice polling content to their PowerPoint presentations using PointSolutions Desktop.
How to update a student roster in PointSolutions from Echo360.
How to use your mobile device (phone, tablet, or laptop) as a response device in your class.
Step-by-step instructions for reviewing PointSolutions/clicker session details.
Information about students sharing clickers in Online@UT (Canvas).
This article covers how to create a Echo360/TurningTechnologies account for students.
This article includes step-by-step instructions for students to proceed with Echo360 account registration in the event that they do not receive a confirmation email.