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Setup Canvas to work with TurningPoint, sync Canvas courses to TurningPoint, and upload grades from TurningPoint to Canvas.
Getting started with PowerPoint and TurningPoint on a Windows PC
Frequently asked questions about Clickers by Students.
How to use your mobile device (phone, tablet, or laptop) as a response device in your class.
Step-by-step instructions for enabling Mobile responses on the TurningPoint Desktop application.
Sharing clickers
What clickers are usable with your course and how do you get your clicker setup.
Clicker Technology at the University of Tennessee is provided through the Turning Technologies TurningPoint software. TurningPoint is the campus-supported personal response system for classroom interactive questions. TurningPoint is a hybrid polling option (allow the use of both physical clickers and mobile response options) that provides secure management of courses, rosters, and assessment data while integrating with Canvas.