Clickers: Enabling Mobile Responses from Students (Instructors)

Mobile Responses must be enabled for participants to use the TurningPoint App as a response device. Below are step-by-step instructions for enabling mobile responses in TurningPoint Desktop. For further instructions, faculty can register for OIT's Self-Paced TurningPoint Training course on Canvas. 

PointSolutions Desktop

  1. Open TurningPoint Desktop and sign in to your account. Your TurningPoint Dashboard will open.
  2. Click Enable in the upper right corner of the TurningPoint Dashboard, under Mobile Responses.

    The Mobile Responses Session window opens.
  3. Select the Session ID from the drop-down menu. If Random is selected, a session ID will be randomly generated.
    To reserve a unique session ID follow the steps below:
    1. Enter a unique session ID between 4 and 14 alpha or numeric characters, but must contain at least one letter.
    2. Click Reserve.
  4. Click Start Session. The Mobile Responses Session Status window opens.
  5. Click Close to return the TurningPoint Dashboard.
    The Mobile Responses Session Status window does not need to be open for mobile responses to be enabled. Mobile responses will remain enabled until TurningPoint is closed or until End Session is selected from the Mobile Responses Session Status window.
  6. Select either PowerPoint Polling or Anywhere Polling from the TurningPoint Dashboard.
  7. Provide participants the Session ID to join the session. The students will need to use the TurningPoint app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) or use a browser and


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