Clickers: Creating an Echo360 PointSolutions Account (Instructors)


All UTK instructors using PointSolutions must create an account through Echo360. The account allows instructors to access the PointSolutions Instructor site and download the PointSolutions software to engage their students via classroom polling with physical clicker devices or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

  • Instructors do NOT need a subscription to create a PointSolutions Account, nor is there an additional cost to instructors who wish to use physical clickers in their class.
    Note: students who use physical clickers must purchase them from the Volshop.
  • Instructors will use their UTK email ( to create their account and the UT NetID & Password for login. The account allows instructors to manage which courses they will use PointSolutions in via the instructor account page.

Creating a PointSolutions Instructor Account:

New Account Registration can be accessed using the PointSolutions (Clickers) Canvas course navigation menu option or can be created through the direct Echo360 link.

If you prefer to use the PointSolutions (Clickers) Canvas course navigation menu option, walk through the steps found here, Canvas: Adding PointSolutions to your Course Navigation (for Instructors), before creating your PointSolutions profile.

Login and Authenticate (2 options)

Option 1: Use the PointSolutions (Clickers) link in your Canvas course navigation menu:

1. Login to Canvas.

2. Select a course using PointSolutions.

3. Select the PointSolutions (Clickers) link in the course navigation menu.

4. Authenticate by entering your NetID and Password.

Canvas Course Navigation Menu with PointSolutions Clickers indicated.


Option 2: Use the Echo360 direct link

1. Select

2. Authenticate by entering your NetID and Password.

3. Select Get Started Here.

4. Enter your UTK email.

5. Select Next.

PointSolutions Signin page. Enter your UTK email and select next.

Create an Instructor Account

You will be taken to the New User Registration Form

1. Your email will be automatically entered. No changes are needed.

2. Select the Role drop-down.

3. Select Instructor.

4. Accept the Echo360 Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by checking the box.

5. Select Continue.

PointSolutions New User Registration display. Role dropdown is indicated and displaying Instructor. Terms and Conditions checkbox and Continue also indicated.


6. Select the Canvas tab.

PointSolutions Courses page. Canvas tab indicated.


7. Select Canvas Sign In.

PointSolutions Courses Canvas tab. Canvas Sign In indicated.


8. Select Authorize.

Canvas Authorization for PointSolutions. Authorize indicated.


9. Your profile is now ready. Once your Canvas course is published, you will return to this page and select the Canvas tab to connect the course to PointSolutions.

PointSolutions Active Course tab.


10. Once your courses are published they will be listed within the Canvas tab (similar to what is seen in the image below).

11. Select Add for the course(s) you want to add to the Active tab.

PointSolutions Course page with Canvas tab indicated. Add button on published Canvas Courses indicated.


12. Your courses, which now appear on the active tab, are ready for use within the PointSolutions desktop app or the PointSolutions web app.

PointSolutions Course Active Courses tab. Select button for Active Courses indicated.


To continue creating your Instructor account after adding the PointSolutions Canvas navigation link, watch the short 43-second video below.



For more on connecting your PUBLISHED Canvas Courses to PointSolutions, please see our OIT Knowledge Base article Clickers: Adding a Canvas Course to PointSolutions.

For help getting started enroll in OIT'sClicker Self-Service Training Resource.

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