Clickers: Adding PointSolutions to your Course Navigation (for Instructors)


This article will walk you through adding PointSolutions to your Canvas Course Navigation Menu.


Adding the PointSolutions (Clicker) Link in Canvas

PointSolutions is automatically integrated with Canvas, however, you will need to add the navigational link for it in your course.

Please follow ALL instructions listed on this page.

1. Within your Canvas course site, select the Settings link from the navigation menu on the left.

Settings tab indicated in Canvas.


2. Select the Navigation tab at the top of the page.

Navigation tab indicated within Canvas Course Settings.


3. From here, drag and drop the PointSolutions (Clickers) item from the lower list of items hidden from students to the upper list of active course links.

Click and drag PointSolutions to the active navigation.


4. Scroll down and make sure to click Save. 

Save button indicated.


5. Important: PointSolutions (Clickers) will now appear in your course navigation menu; however, after clicking Save, select the PointSolutions (Clickers) link in your course menu to initialize it for the first time.

PointSolutions (Clickers) link within the Canvas course navigation menu.


This 48-second video will walk you through the steps for adding the PointSolutions (Clickers) link to your Canvas course's navigation menu.


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