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Pinned Article Clickers: Adding PointSolutions to your Course Navigation (for Instructors)

This article will walk you through adding PointSolutions to your Canvas Course Navigation Menu.

Clickers, PointSolutions, and Canvas: Helpful Links for Instructors

Setup Canvas to work with TurningPoint, sync Canvas courses to TurningPoint, and upload grades from TurningPoint to Canvas.

Clickers: Adding a Canvas Course to PointSolutions

How to connect a Canvas class to PointSolutions for grade purposes and data.

Clickers: Procedure for Uploading Merged PointSolutions (Echo360) Session Data to a Cross-Listed Canvas Course

This article will walk instructors through the process of merging PointSolutions session data for courses that are cross-listed within Canvas allowing for the creation of a single grade book item within Canvas.

Clickers: Re-Upload Previous Session Grades if a Student Registers Their Clicker Late (for instructors)

Intended for instructors, this article covers what to do if a student registers their clicker late and provides an overview of student account registration from the instructor's perspective.

Clickers: Upload Clicker Grades to Canvas

How to upload and sync clicker grades with your Canvas grade book.

Clickers: Why students may not see Canvas grades for clicker account responses

This articles covers next steps for instructors and students in the event that Canvas grades are not appearing for clicker account responses.