Clickers: Re-Upload Previous Session Grades if a Student Registers Their Clicker Late (for instructors)


At the beginning of a semester, instructors will often set a deadline of two weeks after the first day of classes for students to register clickers. OIT recommends establishing a registration deadline because:

  1. The deadline will limit the amount of late registrant reports an instructor will need to run.
  2. The deadline also provides students with the opportunity to confirm they are receiving points in class and troubleshoot any clicker-related issues early in the semester.

When a student registers their clicker late

When a student registers their clicker account, their account will not be "finished" registering until PointSolutions' daily report is run (M-F only). Instructors can update this roster manually if they wish, though any previous responses will need to be re-uploaded to Canvas.

In this instance, "finished" registration means that a student's PointSolutions participant account has been properly configured using their UTK email ( with an established Canvas LMS connection, and that their mobile/physical clickers are also linked to their account.

For example, this means that a student in a M-W-F class who registers their clicker at 8 AM before attending their Friday class meeting will not appear as "finished" registering until the following Monday, unless the instructor manually refreshes their class roster.

Once a clicker account is registered by a student, any future answers entered by their physical clicker or their mobile device should be automatically included in the grades uploaded to Canvas, and only the instructor can opt to include grades received before registration is complete.

To Re-Upload Grades to Canvas

Go through the same grade upload process you normally would.

  1. Select the course
  2. Upload Grades
  3. Any session which has new data from recently registered students will be marked with a *. 
  4. Upload any session with a *. Note - this will write over any changes you did in Canvas. So if you manually made changes to grades in Canvas, this will overwrite those changes. 


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