Updating Student Roster in PointSolutions (Clickers) from Echo360

Student rosters are updated automatically each night Monday - Friday, however, occasionally you may need to update the roster manually under two main circumstances.

1. If a student registers clickers the morning of the day of your class.

2. If you have a student who tells you they are properly registered with Echo360 (Turning) and can see their Canvas LMS connection. These students may have even used clickers in other classes but are appearing in your PointSolutions roster as being not enrolled, this may be caused by the automatic roster report that runs each night not "catching" that student. In this case, you will need to manually update your roster from BOTH the instructor.turningtechnologies.com web page AND your PointSolutions app.

To update your class roster on the web:

update roster clicker web

  1. Go to instructor.turningtechnologies.com/
  2. In your Active tab, choose Select under your class.
  3. Choose Roster
  4. Choose Update Course

To update your roster from your PointSolutions app:

update roster pointsolutions app

  1. Open PointSolutions
  2. Go to the Manage tab
  3. Choose Update




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