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How to keep your account if you are a retiree.
Canvas vs K@TE
A comprehensive collection of training materials to assist travelers or travel entry professionals (delegates) transition to the University's new travel platform, Concur. Contains links to role-based curriculum and recorded Zoom sessions housed in K@TE.
Learn how to submit video assignments using Panopto within Canvas. This is a student-focused article.
How to remove a privacy flag for faculty and staff.
This article links to information about how to sort videos inside a Panopto folder.
This article covers the function and purpose of different share settings in Panopto, and how to grant or remove access to content.
On November 9, 2020, OIT will make changes to how sharing links work by default to enhance security for file sharing in OneDrive and SharePoint Online.
Instructions for managing membership of Active Directory (AD) Groups
This article details how to move and copy video content within the Panopto interface outside of Canvas.
Having a hard time deciding between Panopto Desktop Recorder and Panopto Capture? This article details features of both recorders.