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Canvas vs K@TE
K@TE (pronounced "Kate") is the University of Tennessee's comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS).
How to find completion certificates in K@TE.
Information about "CITI Program" courses with future due dates in K@TE.
Access to the UT System policy website for additional information about HR 128.
“HR 128” refers to the UT Human Resources policy “HR0128 – Employee Professional Development and Training”.
How to find a course description in K@TE.
Duo two-factor authentication is required to access K@TE.
Information for new UT employees who need to access K@TE.
Contact information for questions about accessing or using K@TE.
How to return to an in-progress online course in K@TE.
Information about the "Active" and "Completed" transcript pages in K@TE.
How to find completed courses in K@TE.
How to search for courses held at a later date.