K@TE: CITI Program Courses with Future Due Dates

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As part of a more streamlined process deployed in June 2021, CITI Program training completions are now loaded in K@TE. This update applies to UT faculty and staff members working at a UT campus or institute in the Knoxville area, the UT Health Science Center, UT Martin, and UT Chattanooga.

No action is required on your part until your expiration date approaches for the applicable CITI Program course. You will still log in to the CITI Program website at that time and complete your required course(s) using the CITI Program platform.

You will receive email reminders before your expiration date, and the applicable CITI Program courses will remain on your “Active” transcript in K@TE.

Your CITI Program completions, starting in June 2021, are also loaded from K@TE to the IRIS system automatically. To check this, click on the “My HR 128 Training History” icon on the K@TE Home page.

If you have a question about this new process, please reach out to your applicable UT Office of Research contacts.  

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