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K@TE: What is Compliance Training?

Information about compliance training at the University of Tennessee.

K@TE: Complete Compliance Training

How to complete compliance training in K@TE.

K@TE: Find Assigned Training

How to find assigned training in K@TE.

K@TE: Find Completion Certificates

How to find completion certificates in K@TE.

K@TE: Find Past Due Courses

How to find past due courses in K@TE.

K@TE: Track if Direct Reports Have Completed Compliance Training

How to track if direct reports have completed compliance training using an IRIS report.

K@TE: Contacts for Compliance Training Questions

Contact information for specific compliance training questions at each UT campus and institute.

K@TE: CITI Program Courses with Future Due Dates

Information about "CITI Program" courses with future due dates in K@TE.