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Submitting a Panopto video in a Canvas discussion board reply.
If you are experiencing playback issues while trying to view a Panopto video in Canvas using the Safari browser, follow these instructions to fix the issue.
This article shows users how to use the Discussion, Notes, and Bookmarks feature in the Panopto video player.
This article will walk you through how to view Panopto videos in Canvas and how to view Panopto videos outside of Canvas using the Panopto web interface.
Learn how to submit video assignments using Panopto within Canvas. This is a student-focused article.
This article will provide instructions on how to download the Panopto desktop recorder.
Learn how to create an assignment folder in your Panopto course folder in Canvas where students can make video submissions using Panopto.
This article shows you how to add a Panopto Video menu button on the left-hand menu of a course in Canvas.
Canvas vs K@TE
Canvas Studio Student Assignment Submissions
This article addresses how faculty and staff can log into Panopto.
This article will provide tips on enabling closed caption with MS Teams and provide steps for adding the meeting video file to Canvas.
This article will explain how to share a learning path or collection with LinkedIn Learning.