I just dropped/added a course in myUTK. When will the course disappear/appear on my Online@UT (Canvas) Dashboard ?

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Drop/add requests are processed daily and should be reflected in Online@UT (Canvas) within 24 hours of the drop or add. Also, take note of the following information on course visibility:


Instructors control when students have access to their course sites within Online@UT (Canvas). Please keep in mind that instructors can (and often do) hide their courses until they are ready for students to see the content. Please bear in mind that Online@UT (Canvas) is not the official site to check your semester course schedule; that’s MyUTK.

If you don’t see one of your courses in Online@UT (Canvas):

Step 1: Check MyUTK to verify your schedule.

If you added the course today in MyUTK, it will appear in your Canvas course list tomorrow.
Similarly, if you dropped the course today in MyUTK, it will be removed from your course list in Canvas tomorrow.

Step 2: Check to see if the course is published.

Click on the Courses icon and then the All Courses link. Look in the Published column for a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

If Yes, click the star located in front of the course name to favorite the course and add it to your Dashboard.

If No, contact your instructor to ask if they are using Canvas for the course.


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Mon 10/19/20 2:39 PM