Proctorio: Tips for Success When Taking an Exam


Proctorio is an exam proctoring software that replaces the UTK version of Respondus LockDown Browser.

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Taking a Proctorio Protected Quiz

Prior to Quiz Day

  • Install any available computer or browser updates ahead of time.
  • If time will be limited on the exam, set up Proctorio beforehand by following the instructions in this support article: Proctorio: How to Get Started (external link)
  • Ensure there is an appropriate space available for taking the quiz. Proctorio recommends finding an area that is well-lit, quiet, and free of potential distractions or interruptions.
    • A stable Internet connection is also required for the quiz. To help avoid possible problems, try using a wired network connection if one is available.
    • Depending on quiz settings, Proctorio may require a room scan. This means pointing the computer's camera around the entire room, so make sure to dress appropriately, move any nearby clutter away, and ask other people to leave the room.
  • Take a practice quiz with Proctorio enabled if one is available in Canvas. If a practice quiz hasn't been created, ask the course professor if they would be willing to create one.

On Quiz Day

  • Start preparing early. If anything isn't working, it would be bad to spend valuable quiz time fixing it!
  • Double-check the surrounding area to make sure it's quiet and free of distractions. Remember, a room scan might be required, so make sure to put away anything unnecessary for the quiz.
  • Verify that there are no problems with the computer's network connection, camera, or microphone. Laptops should be plugged in and charging. If no power outlets are available, at least make sure that the battery is fully charged.
    • If taking a Proctorio exam on battery power, remember that Proctorio will be recording video, audio, and the screen, so the battery will drain much more quickly than normal.
  • Close any background programs. The browser should be the only thing running on the computer when the exam starts.
  • Once everything is ready, navigate to Canvas and go to the quiz. A Take the Quiz button should be visible at the bottom of the page, if the quiz is enabled.
  • Proctorio should automatically start displaying instructions. Read everything carefully and follow the directions exactly. Note that the quiz timer does not start counting down until after the exam pre-checks have been completed.

More Questions?

Learn more about Proctorio, read FAQs, and find additional troubleshooting tips. Enroll in the Proctorio Support Documentation course in Canvas.

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