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Proctorio is an exam proctoring software that replaces the UTK version of Respondus LockDown Browser. This article covers common Proctorio problems and how to fix them.

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For Immediate Assistance

  • Proctorio support is available 24/7 via a live chat function that is built into the extension. To access this, click the puzzle piece icon to the right of the address bar, then click on Proctorio. Click Live Chat to connect with the support team immediately. The Help and Support Center is also available and offers many articles with instructions on fixing common Proctorio problems.
    • The Proctorio extension may automatically start a live chat support session if it detects repeated problems when trying to start the quiz. This is normal.
    • Proctorio support can also be reached via email: Please note that this method is not recommended if urgent assistance is needed.
  • Call the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900.
    • For assistance with Proctorio, we recommend contacting the HelpDesk via phone for the best experience.


All of the instructions below are for recent versions of Google Chrome.

Note: The symbol is used to refer to the Chrome menu button located in the upper-right corner of the window. See the red arrow in the screenshot below for an example.

Screenshot showing the location of the Chrome menu button.

Problems Starting a Quiz

The following list covers common problems that occur when trying to start a Proctorio quiz, and some suggested solutions.

A message appears saying Respondus LockDown Browser is required

There is a problem with the quiz configuration. Contact the exam administrator or professor and notify them of the issue.

A message appears saying "Waiting for Canvas" 

  • Restart the computer and try again.

The Start Quiz button is missing for Proctorio-enabled quizzes

  • Reinstall Proctorio
    • Go to  > Extensions and then choose "Remove" for Proctorio. Click "Remove" again in the confirmation pop-up.
    • Restart Chrome, then try to take the quiz again.
    • Follow the prompts to install Proctorio.

Canvas is prompting for an access code, or Proctorio is not loading at all

  • Make sure that Proctorio is installed and turned on
    • Go to > Extensions to check installed extensions.
      • To enable: Click the toggle switch () for Proctorio so that it's colorful and the dot is on the right.
      • To install: Visit and follow the instructions on the page.
  • Reinstall Proctorio
    • Go to  > Extensions and then choose "Remove" for Proctorio. Click "Remove" again in the confirmation pop-up. Restart Chrome, then try to take the quiz again. Follow the prompts to install Proctorio.
  • Sign into Google with only your UTK Google Account
    • Students may log into Google with their personal and UT Google accounts. When students switch back and forth between their personal and school accounts, it disconnects the extension. If logged into both a personal and UT Google account, remove Proctorio, sign out of all accounts, sign in to your UTK account, then reinstall Proctorio.
  • Enable Incognito access for Proctorio
    • Go to  > Extensions and then choose "Details" for Proctorio. Scroll down to the "Allow in Incognito" option and enable it.
  • Clear browser cache and cookies
    • Go to > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data. Set the time range to "All time," and check the boxes for "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," then click "Clear Data." This may take a few moments. Once the data is cleared, restart Chrome and try to take the quiz again.
  • Restart the computer and try again.

Unable to complete quiz pre-checks

  • Check to ensure the correct permissions for the microphone, camera, and screen recording. Click on the lock icon () at the far left of the address bar, then click "Site Settings" to change permission settings quickly. 
  • At the screen sharing prompt, make sure to select which window to share before clicking the Share button. The button will be grayed out if no window has been selected.
  • Mac Users Only - Computers running recent versions of macOS may require additional changes before the screen recording pre-check passes. Please refer to the following article to resolve this issue: Proctorio: Desktop Pre-Check Fails on macOS

Unable to pass webcam image test

To pass the webcam image test, the computer must be able to detect a face. With poor lighting or basic/built-in webcams, the system can sometimes struggle to make out enough detail. To increase the chances of passing the webcam image test, try sitting in a different position, looking at the camera at a different angle, turning on nearby lamps, or temporarily removing eyeglasses or hats.

If none of the above problems apply, or the listed solutions do not work, please refer to the For Immediate Assistance section above for more direct support options.

If Problems Occur During a Quiz...

Important! The quiz timer will continue to count down even after a crash has occurred. Try to resume the quiz as soon as possible.

The most common cause of Proctorio crashes is a slow or unstable network connection. If a crash occurs, try switching to a better network. Wired connections provide the best reliability and speed, and are strongly recommended. If possible, avoid using cellular/mobile hotspots and unprotected public Wi-Fi networks.

If the crash was caused by something else, don't spend much time trying to fix it (unless the issue is obvious, like a dead battery). Instead, focus on getting back into the quiz quickly by following these steps:

  1. If the computer is turned off due to a crash, turn it back on and log in normally.
  2. If the computer did not crash, and Chrome is still running, completely quit or exit all Chrome windows.
  3. Open Chrome again, sign in to Canvas (, and navigate back to the quiz.
  4. An option to resume the quiz attempt should appear. Click it to start the quiz back up from the last saved data.
  5. If the resume option does not appear, follow the instructions for reinstalling Proctorio (see "Canvas is prompting for an access code" above).
  6. If all else fails, please refer to the For Immediate Assistance section above for more direct support options.
If the quiz timer runs out before the problem can be resolved, please contact the exam administrator or professor to discuss options for re-taking the quiz. OIT cannot grant additional quiz attempts.

More Questions?

Learn more about Proctorio, read FAQs, and find additional troubleshooting tips. Enroll in Proctorio workshop!


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