Proctorio: Exam Requesting An Access Code


Exam is asking for an access code that was not provided or enabled by instructor.

Reason for Code:  The Access Code Screen is appearing due to the Proctorio Extension no longer communicating with the Chrome Browser.  This was most likely caused by the switching and/or signing out of multiple email accounts within the same browser profile. 


Please follow the steps in the exact order below. 

Please Note: Simply reinstalling the Proctorio Extension or switching to Incognito Mode in Chrome is not a guaranteed fix and usually serves as a temporary solution. Below is the recommended OIT solution to prevent occurring in future exams. 

Step 1: Uninstall Proctorio by clicking the "puzzle piece" in the top right corner of the browser next to the URL bar, then selecting remove.

Step 2: Click the icon in the same top right corner of the browser and select "Sign out of account " or "Sign out of all accounts" as pictured below.

Step 3: Close Google Chrome Browser and relaunch (Please make note of steps 4-6 before closing browser)

Step 4: In the top right corner of browser sign in with or email address or visit and select to sign into UTK account.

Step 5: Reinstall Proctorio Extension by visiting

Final Step: Launch Exam and Access Code screen should have disappeared for the long term.

*Students might consider using Google Chrome for student use during the semester and an alternate browser such as Firefox, Edge, or Safari for personal use if they feel the need to. 


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Thu 7/21/22 3:17 AM
Thu 12/8/22 1:12 PM

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