Zoom: Canvas Integration

In our UT Zoom environment, instructors may schedule and start their Zoom sessions via the Zoom desktop application or the UT Zoom web interface at tennessee.zoom.us. There is a third option available for instructors, though, and that is to integrate Zoom within the Canvas course.

An example of the Zoom item appearing in a Canvas course menu.

However, before engaging this option, please consider the information below.

After integrating Zoom within the Canvas course,

  • Students will automatically receive a notification when Zoom classes are scheduled and when a Zoom Cloud recording is available.
  • Zoom class sessions will appear on the course calendar.

If you have a merged course and engage the Canvas-Zoom integration, students in all sections will have access to each Zoom class session. This may be confusing for classes that meet at different dates and times. We recommend communicating with students in a merged class regarding their class meeting times, and we recommend adding the day, time, and section number to the title or description of the Zoom session. In this case, the Canvas-Zoom integration may not be the preferred option for scheduling sessions.

For more information on how to get started with integrating Zoom within your Canvas course, please select this link to our Canvas-Zoom instructions page.

Also, please note that the Canvas-Zoom integration is not available for Zoom accounts in the UT Zoom Hipaa environment.





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