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UTK Microsoft Outlook email setup for Windows, Mac, & Mobile.
Configuring the Linux Evolution-EWS email client for Microsoft 365 email.
This article explains eligibility for many Office 365 services based on your primary affiliation.
How to open a shared mailbox.
Updates in Teams is a ready-to-use application designed to facilitate seamless communication and task management within the higher education setting.
Microsoft Loop is a new collaboration tool that aims to transform the way teams work together. It's a flexible, dynamic platform that brings people, content, and tasks together in one place, making it easier than ever to brainstorm, plan, and create together.
How to use MS Teams Notifications and Activity.
Basic information about what Safe Links does and how it works, common signs that Safe Links is causing a problem with a link, and basic troubleshooting steps.
If you have been granted 'Send As' rights on a shared mailbox, this article will help you send messages that appear to come from the address of the shared mailbox.
Enable or Disable Teams Adding Online Meetings to all Meetings
In Microsoft Teams, chatting is a big deal. It's where everything happens! Whether you're talking one-on-one, chatting in groups, or having conversations in channels, chat has you covered.
Share your computer sounds in a Microsoft Teams video meeting.