Microsoft Email: Linux Evolution-EWS Email Client Configuration


The Linux Evolution-EWS email client works with Microsoft 365 modern authentication via OAuth2.0 support.


  1. Open Evolution-EWS version v3.27.91 or later 
  2. Enter your full name and UTK email address and click Next:
  3. Apply the following settings in the "Receiving Email" section. Be sure to select "Override Office365 OAuth2 settings", change Authentication to "OAuth2 (Office365)", and manually enter the Tenant and Application ID.
    • Server Type: Exchange Web Services
    • Host URL:
    • Tenant ID: 515813d9-717d-45dd-9eca-9aa19c09d6f9 
    • Application ID:  e9a69f20-a6f4-4ea3-8a36-93fcc4f4ea70 
  4. On the Receiving Options and Account Summary sections, choose Next.
  5. Authenticate to your account. After choosing Finish, follow the prompts on the screen to enter your UTK account information.

  6. Your account is now configured and ready to use. Depending on the size of your account, it may take several minutes for all your account data to load into the client.


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