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Linux Evolution-EWS Email Client Configuration

Configuring the Linux Evolution-EWS email client for Office 365.

Microsoft 365 Eligibility

This article explains eligibility for many Office 365 services based on your primary affiliation.

Nov 9 Changes to OneDrive and SharePoint Online Link Sharing

On November 9, 2020, OIT will make changes to how sharing links work by default to enhance security for file sharing in OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

Opening a Shared Mailbox or Calendar

How to open a shared mailbox.

Send email from a Shared Mailbox Address in Outlook

If you have been granted 'Send As' rights on a shared mailbox, this article will help you send messages that appear to come from the address of the shared mailbox.

Video on my PowerPoint is not playing correctly

This article will provide information on how to solve the problem of your PowerPoint not playing on a device.

What is Microsoft 365 MyAnalytics?

Introduction to MyAnalytics by Microsoft.