Microsoft 365 Outlook Email, Calendar, and Contacts.

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Pinned Article Microsoft Outlook: UTK Outlook Email Setup

UTK Microsoft Outlook email setup for Windows, Mac, & Mobile.

Getting Started with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling and appointment management tool that allows you to easily manage appointments and bookings.

Microsoft 365 Eligibility

This article explains eligibility for many Office 365 services based on your primary affiliation.

Microsoft 365 PowerPoint: Adding animations across a presentation

Steps on how to edit master slides to have animations for bullet points. You can then put these on each slide.

Microsoft 365: Introduction to MyAnalytics

Introduction to MyAnalytics by Microsoft.

Microsoft Email: Linux Evolution-EWS Email Client Configuration

Configuring the Linux Evolution-EWS email client for Microsoft 365 email.

Microsoft Safe Links: General Information and Troubleshooting

Basic information about what Safe Links does and how it works, common signs that Safe Links is causing a problem with a link, and basic troubleshooting steps.

OneDrive and SharePoint Online Link Sharing

On November 9, 2020, OIT will make changes to how sharing links work by default to enhance security for file sharing in OneDrive and SharePoint Online.