OneDrive and SharePoint Online Link Sharing


On November 9, 2020, OIT made changes to how sharing links works by default to enhance security for file sharing in OneDrive and SharePoint Online. 

File and Folder Links

  1. The type of link that is selected by default when users share files and folders in OneDrive and SharePoint Online will change from "Anyone with the link" to "Specific people (only the people the user specifies)". This will still allow external sharing, but will not be the default.
  2. The permission that is selected by default for sharing links will change from "Edit" to “View”.  Users will still be able to change this setting when sharing files.
  3. External users will no longer be able to share items that they do not own.

Changes to Anonymous Links

The changes below are the new defaults and cannot be changed during sharing:

  1. All Anonymous links will be set to expire within at least 30 days. 
  2. File Permissions default will change from "View and edit" to "View."
  3. Folder Permissions default will change from "View, edit, and upload" to "View."
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