K@TE: Find Completion Certificates


Find Completion Certificates:

  1. Click the My Completed Courses icon on the K@TE Home page to access any courses you completed in K@TE.
  2. Locate the course in question, and click the “Actions” down-pointing arrow.
  3. Click View Certificate from the dropdown menu that appears.
    Screenshot of the KATE training page with a red arrow pointing to the dropdown menu arrow.
  4. Click the Download icon to download the certificate PDF document or click the Print icon to print the certificate on your default printer. 

(NOTE: Not all courses in K@TE include a certificate.)

Additional steps and screenshots are included on the “K@TE Questions” page of the EOD website. Please reach out to UTEOD@tennessee.edu by email if the course does not have a certificate and you need one.


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