Clickers: Why students may not see Canvas grades for clicker account responses

Students who register their clicker accounts late or incorrectly may not see accurate grades in their Canvas gradebook. One common reason for this issue is the accidental creation of duplicate accounts, which occurs when students register a PointSolutions Account using their email address rather than their email addressAll participants using PointSolutions must use the format when creating accounts and logging in to a polling session. This will ensure the participant is connected to the correct profile and session data is saved correctly.

No matter the cause, when a student sees they are not receiving grades accurately in Canvas, it is imperative that these students contact OIT as soon as possible so that OIT can contact Echo360 to get the accounts fixed. The longer the student waits, the more class periods the instructor would need to re-upload to Canvas, assuming the data can be recovered.

Additionally, instructors should be aware that when syncing reports and grades from PointSolutions to Canvas for a given assignment, PointSolution's grade data will overwrite what is listed in Canvas. This means that if an instructor must manually adjust individual grades, any manual grade adjustments should be made in PointSolutions and then uploaded to Canvas. Manual grade adjustments made in Canvas rather than PointSolutions will be overwritten once PointSolutions grades are re-synced. This only applies to assignments where clickers are used.

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