Panopto: Edit Closed Captions with Panopto Video Editor

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This article details how to edit closed captions in your Panopto video.


Edit Closed Captions

  1. Within the Panopto video interface, find the video for which you want to edit captions
  2. Click the Edit button. This opens the Panopto video editor.

  3. Click the Captions tab on the left side of the screen. This opens the Closed Captions area of the video editor.

  4. There are three ways to edit closed captions within the Panopto video editor interface.
    1. Click directly on the text you want to edit and type in your correction. Once you are finished, click anywhere outside of that text box to stop editing.

    2. You can also click the three dots to the right of the caption and click Edit to open a text editing window where you can make changes. Click Save when you are finished.

    3. You can also click Import captions and select Replace with automatic captions or Upload or request captions. Supported caption file types are .srt, .ashx, .vtt, and .dxfp.

  5. Once you have finished editing the closed captions, be sure to click the Apply button in the top right area of the screen for your changes to take effect.
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