Compare Panopto Desktop Recorder with Panopto Capture (browser recorder)

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The Panopto Desktop Recorder application and the browser based Panopto Capture recorder are both great lecture capture tools, but did you know they offer different features that may be hard to tell apart? This chart will compare both recorders and help you decide which one works best for your needs.

Feature Comparison


Panopto Desktop Recorder

Panopto Capture

Capture Slide Annotations

Won't record slide annotations*

Will record slide annotations

Auto contents listing for slide titles 

Will generate auto Contents listing for slide titles. 

Will not generate auto Contents listing for slide titles – you must enable Smart Chapters in the Panopto editor under the Contents tab for that to take effect 

Live Webcast 




Pause and Resume while recording 

Cannot pause or resume while recording 


Stores recordings locally and can be uploaded to Panopto anytime 

Stores on Panopto Only 

Requires Software Install 


No, browser based 

Virtual Background 


Yes, blurred background, default background, or upload your own background image 

Recording Quality Adjustment  

Standard, High, and Ultra Presets or custom 

Standard, HD, and Ultra HD Presets 

Camera Control 

Manual Camera Controls  

Smart Camera tracks one or multiple people 

Multiple Camera Selection



Secondary Source Selection

Desktop Selection Only

Select individual application sharing or entire desktop

*A workaround is to record the full screen where your slides are showing in addition to checking the “Record PowerPoint” box on the Panopto Desktop Recorder. It will record both the slides and the screenshare. The screenshare will show your annotations.

Use Cases

Panopto Capture

  • Recommended for use in classrooms on Cynap or Classroom PC’s. Can be operated from within a web browser - Chrome recommended, Safari, Firefox and Edge work as well. Simplified interface makes it easy to setup a recording quickly on any device.
  • If you want to use features like the Smart Camera or a Virtual background you will have to use Panopto Capture. Smart Camera tightens the presenter camera and keeps you (the presenter) centered in the video. Keep in mind that this setting simply crops the video image and follows your face which may result in lower video quality or shaky video.

Panopto Desktop Recorder

  • Recommended for use at home or office. Allows a cleaner end look with the ability to add certain details with additional cameras or screens. You do not need an active internet connection to record. You can upload the presentation later when you have internet access.
  • Required for recording live webcasts.
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