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Find out how students can access Panopto by reading the instructions below. 

Student access to Panopto 

Students can access Panopto in a variety of ways, but most will simply use the platform to view lecture videos within Canvas.  


Students will mostly access Panopto through lecture recordings and other videos posted in their Canvas course. If the instructor enabled the View in Panopto button within the embedded Panopto video player in a Canvas module/assignment/discussion/etc, students can leave Canvas to view the video in the Panopto web interface instead. 

More information on how to use the Panopto video player can be found here

More information on how to use features like Notes, Bookmarks, and Discussion within the Panopto video player can be found here

Creating content in Panopto 

By default, students do not have the ability to create content in Panopto. Instructors with primary or secondary instructor access in Canvas can generate an Assignment folder for students in their Canvas course folder within Panopto.  

If access has been granted, students can record with Panopto using either the browser-based Panopto Capture recorder, the Panopto desktop recorder application for Mac or Windows, or via the Panopto mobile application.  

Panopto Capture browser-based recorder 

  • Panopto Capture is the easiest way to record video content. It is browser-based and doesn’t require updates or downloads to use. Chrome is the recommended browser to use, but Firefox  and Edge work as well. Currently, Safari is not supported.

Panopto desktop recorder application 

  • The Panopto desktop recorder application is available for Mac or Windows and allows users to record video, desktops, and PowerPoint (or Keynote) slides. You can record the files locally and upload to the Panopto cloud later or you can automatically send the recordings to the cloud when you are finished recording. 

  • Instructions for using the Panopto desktop recorder application can be found here:

Panopto mobile application 

Users can view, share, and record videos using the Panopto mobile application for iOS and Android. The application can be found by searching for Panopto in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  


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