Panopto: Submit a Video Assignment in Canvas as a Student


This article covers how students can submit a Panopto video assignment in a Canvas course. Please note that the course instructor must enable an Assignment Folder in the Panopto course folder before students will be granted access to upload or create content via Panopto. More information on how an instructor can create an Assignment Folder in the Panopto course folder can be found here.


Video tutorial for submitting a Panopto video assignment in Canvas as a student

Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to submit a Panopto video assignment to Canvas.

How to submit a Panopto video assignment in Canvas as a student 

  1. From your Canvas Dashboard, navigate to your course site.
  2. Select the Assignment link located in the course navigation menu and click on the respective Assignment.

  3. To upload your assignment submission, select the Submit Assignment button in the top right corner. This will open a rich text editor.

  4. Select the three dots on the right side of the toolbar and then select the Panopto icon to open the Panopto interface where you can upload your video or record one from scratch.

  5. Make sure you have the Course Name [assignments] folder selected from the drop down. The key here is that it says [assignments] on the end of the course folder name. You must do this to submit your video to the proper assignment folder. Select the Upload tab to upload video/audio content from your computer OR select the Record tab to record a new video using Panopto Capture (recommended) or the Panopto Desktop Recorder, then select Insert. If you have already created Panopto content, it will appear under the Choose tab. If you decide to record using Panopto Capture, a new tab will open in your browser. There you can record using Panopto Capture. More information on recording with Panopto Capture can be found here. Once your Panopto Capture recording is finished, navigate back to your Canvas browser tab.

    Select Video Embed Options to adjust your video width and height dimensions or aspect ratio. Allow Autoplay, Enable “Watch in Panopto”, Show Title, or Show Logo by checking the box.

  6. Your video will upload to the assignment page. Select Submit Assignment. You can include comments with your submission in the Comments field below the text editor. You can resubmit your assignment by clicking the Re-submit Assignment button if needed.

Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your assignment!

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