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This article shows you how to change your Panopto settings so you receive discussion notifications when students (or viewers in general) leave comments on your Panopto videos using the discussion feature (if enabled). You can also receive notifications when someone comments on a discussion thread you started or commented on has a new comment added.

Receive comment notifications

Users can receive email notifications when a video to which they have Creator access receives discussion posts OR whenever a discussion thread they've started or commented on has a new comment added.

The benefit of this feature is to notify instructors whenever students comment on their videos. Additionally, students can receive notifications whenever fellow students comment on Panopto videos for a class if so desired.

Enabling Discussion Notifications

  1. In Panopto, click the drop-down arrow to the right of your name and click User Settings.
  2. Select the Notifications tab to the left.
  3. Here you will see the Discussion Notifications settings. Check the boxes next to the types of notifications you want (see below).
    • If you have Creator access to videos and would like to receive notifications for them, click the first option that says "Email me when comments or replies are added to my videos".
    • If you are part of a discussion and do not own the video and would like to receive notifications, check the second option that says "Email me when someone replies to discussion threads where I'm a participant".

You have three options for notification emails: Right away, Once a day - digest, or Once a week - digest. You can select which one you prefer by clicking the drop-down menu. Note that once settings are selected they are automatically saved. No need to click the save button in order for changes to take effect.

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