Clickers: Using PointSolutions Clickers in Class for Students

Set your channel

To submit responses, your clicker must be set to the same radio frequency (Channel) as your instructor’s receiver when you are in class:

  • Remove the clear tab from the battery compartment on the back of the device (if you haven’t done so already).
  • Press the Channel button.
  • Enter the two-digit channel number provided by your instructor. 
  • Press the Up-Arrow button under ‘OK’ which appears on the lower right corner of the LCD screen. You have successfully set/changed the channel for your class. Your device is now in Presentation mode and ready for polling.

Responding to a Question

When the instructor asks a clicker question, press the button on the clicker corresponding to the answer of your choice. You can change your answer as long as polling is still open (indicated by the Green ‘Polling Open Button’ visible within the instructor’s presentation. Remember that to receive credit for your responses, you must create a PointSolutions Account and register your clicker.

Note: You do not have to turn the clicker on before responding to a question.  The LCD screen goes blank to preserve battery life. When polling is open (Green), simply press the button corresponding to your answer choice.


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