Clickers: Review PointSolutions Session Results by Participant (Instructors)


After running a clicker session, instructors can view the details of their session in the PointSolutions Desktop app or PointSolutions Instructor site
Reviewing session details is helpful when students report they answered a question but did not receive credit or if you need to look at how individual students responded to questions. 


Review Session Details in PointSolutions Desktop

  1. In your PointSolutions Desktop app, select the Manage tab from the top menu.
    Screen shot of PointSolutions Desktop app showing location of Manage Tab
  2. Select your course and session from the left column menu.
  3. With the desired course and session selected, choose Reports Manager from the button menu.
    Screenshot of PointSolutions Manage tab showing location of course and session selection menu and Results Manager button
  4. In the upper right corner, select the drop-down menu to view detailed session report options, such as Results by Participant.
    Screenshot of PointSolutions Results Manager window


Review Session Details in PointSolutions Instructor Site 

  1. From the PointSolutions Instructor site courses dashboard, choose the Active Courses tab and select the desired course.
    Screenshot of PointSolutions Instructor site courses dashboard
  2. Once you have selected the desired course, choose the Results tab from the top menu.
    Screenshot of PointSolutions Instructor site course detail view showing location of Results tab
  3. After selecting Results, choose the Sessions tab. After locating the desired session, click the Reports button.
    Screenshot of PointSolutions Results window showing location of sessions tab and reports button.
  4. From the tab menu, select the desired report (e.g., QuestionDetailParticipant). 
    Screenshot of PointSolutions Reports menu options


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