Zoom: Generate an Attendance Report or a Poll Report


LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) reports are available to instructors or meeting leaders via our UT Zoom page at tennessee.zoom.us. Participants in a Zoom session do not have access to run a report for that session.

The following examples will explore how to access reports, how to generate a participant report, and how to generate a Zoom poll or Zoom meeting registration report.


Access LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) Reports

  1. Go to tennessee.zoom.us
  2. Click Create or Edit Account to sign in with your NetID and password. 
  3. Click Reports in the left-side menu. 
    Example of the Zoom User Profile menu and the Reports item.
  4. Select Usage or Meeting depending on the report you need. 

Report Options

After selecting Reports from the profile menu, the Reports window will appear and contain a list of different types of reports available for your account. For example, the Usage report and the Meeting report.

  • Usage - View meetings, participants, and meeting minutes within a specified time range.
  • Meeting - View registration reports and poll reports for meetings.

Generate a List of all Participants in a Meeting

  1. Select Usage.
  2. Choose your date range and search for the event.
    An example of the dates selected for a Zoom Usage or participant report.
  3. A list of meetings held between the date range will appear.
  4. To export a list of the participants, locate your meeting on the search results list and select the blue number on the Participants column. In the example below, two meetings were held on the same day. One meeting had two participants, and the other had 83.
    Example of a Zoom Participant column from Reports.
  5. After selecting a number in the Participants column, the participant list will generate and appear on the screen. The list may be exported to a .csv file. Leaders may choose to include meeting data in the report (this will include the title, date, and time), and the option to show unique users. This option may be useful for determining how long an attendee was present in the session. When ready, select Export.
  6. Download and save the file from the browser window and the .csv may be opened with Microsoft Excel.Example of a Zoom Meeting Participants List and the Export icon.


Generate a Registration or Poll Report

  1. After selecting Reports from the account menu, choose Meeting.
  2. Select your dates and search for your event. Be sure to select either registration or poll and generate the report you prefer. In the example below, a poll report has been requested.
  3. After the report has been generated, it may be downloaded and opened with Microsoft Excel.

An example of a Zoom Poll report and the search filed, with the Poll option selected.

If you have any questions about LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) or Zoom Reports, contact us at (865) 974-9900 or online at help.utk.edu.





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