Zoom: Notes

Zoom Notes is a new feature that allows meeting hosts to create a text note in real-time, add links and images to the note, and then save and share the note with attendees. For best results, be sure to have the latest version of Zoom installed on your device.

  • Before a meeting: Create a note, build an agenda, and share it with attendees in advance of the meeting. 
  • During a meeting: Open a note and share it with others so they can collaborate during the meeting.
  • After a meeting: Share a note with anyone who may benefit from the content. 

The Zoom Notes tool is available on the meeting toolbar, in the Zoom desktop application, and in the web interface. A Zoom Note can be created, saved, and then edited and shared at any time. Meeting leaders may choose to allow participants to share notes, or not, during the meeting.

The image examples below include Zoom Notes during a meeting and Zoom Notes in the Zoom desktop application.

An example of the Zoom Notes icon and permissions during the meeting.

An example of Zoom Notes in the Zoom desktop application

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