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Pinned Article Zoom: Update Meeting Settings

How to locate and update meeting settings in Zoom.

Zoom: Access Meeting Controls

How to quickly access meeting controls as a host of a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Communicate in a Meeting as a Participant

How to communicate with others in a Zoom meeting as a participant.

Zoom: Customize Waiting Room

How to customize the Waiting Room feature for Zoom meetings

Zoom: Feedback Icons

Options for non-verbal feedback during Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Immersive View

How to activate immersive view for Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Move Chat and Participant Window

How to move the chat and/or the participant windows from the toolbar during a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Pin or Spotlight Video

How to pin or spotlight a participant's video in a Zoom meeting.

Zoom: Suspend Participant Activities

How to mute all participants and end a share screen activity at the same time.

Zoom: Turn On Virtual Backgrounds

How to turn on virtual backgrounds in Zoom and information about system requirements.