I'm the leader of a LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) session. I'd like to learn more about the Immersive View option available during my session.

Immersive View is an viewing option available to leaders/hosts in the latest version of Zoom. When the leader selects this view, the host may move participant webcams onto a selected background, creating a unified look for all present in the session. For example, all broadcasting webcams could be dragged-and-dropped onto an image of a classroom.

Before exploring this option, please review the following.

  • Leaders may place up to 25 broadcasting webcams onto an image.
  • Immersive View is not available during a Share Screen activity.
  • Immersive View is not included in the Zoom Cloud session recording. The recording will default to either Gallery View or Speaker View when recording to the Zoom Cloud. A local recording can include the Immersive View (we recommend testing this on the device).

Activating Immersive View

  1. First, check that this option is available for your device. Download the latest version of Zoom and install it on your device. Next, login to your UT Zoom account and select Settings. Locate Immersive View in the In Meeting (Advanced) section, and toggle it to on.
  2. Then, in your next Zoom session with participants, select View on top-right of the content window. If applicable for your device, the Immersive option will appear.
  • In the session (with participants present), choose View in the top-right corner of the Zoom content window, and then choose Immersive.
  • Choose an immersive view background from the options provided or upload your own.
  • Drag-and-drop broadcasting webcams onto the image in the content window.

For more information about Immersive View, please visit this Zoom support article.


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