Zoom: Access Meeting Controls

To access meeting controls, always log in and start the session you scheduled. If you select the participant link to attend the meeting, you may join as a participant, and then you will not have access to meeting controls.

The Participants and Host tools icons on the Zoom toolbar are useful for accessing online classroom controls quickly. A leader and Co-Host (or alternative host) may access online classroom controls such as the items listed below.

On the toolbar, select the Participants icon to

  • View a list of participants present in the session.
  • Access individual participant controls, such as make Make Co-Host or Allow Record.
  • Mute All.

On the session toolbar, select the Host tools icon to

  • Lock the session quickly.
  • Enable or remove a Waiting Room in real-time.
  • Allow or remove access to the Share Screen icon in real-time.

The leader's toolbar may also include these icons:

  • Unmute/Mute Audio - Activate or mute your own audio. Select the chevron beside the icon to choose an audio device.
  • Start/Stop Video (Webcam) - Active or deactivate your own webcam. Select the chevron beside the icon to choose a webcam.
  • Chat - Post and view chat messages during the session.
  • Share - Share content items such as slide sets, websites, and applications.
  • Record - Record the session and choose to record locally or to the cloud. 
  • Breakout Rooms - Select this icon to create or manage Breakout Rooms in the session.
  • React - Nonverbal feedback icons are available for use on the Reactions icon.
  • End - End the session for all, or, appoint another leader/host and then exit the session.
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