Zoom: Apply a Waiting Room to a Meeting

When the Waiting Room feature is applied to a meeting, the leader may choose to manually admit or remove participants. Until the participants are fully admitted into the meeting, they view a message on their screen with a statement like "Please wait for the meeting host to admit you."

The Waiting Room option may be applied to the session before it starts or engaged during the session via the Security icon on the toolbar.

Apply the Waiting Room During the Scheduling Process

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of Zoom installed. Go to our site at tennessee.zoom.us and select the option to Download Zoom.
  2. Log in to your UT Zoom account.
  3. Schedule a new meeting (or edit an existing meeting).
  4. Locate the Waiting Room option and add a check beside the option to apply it to the meeting.

Apply the Waiting Room During the Session (in real-time)

To apply the Waiting Room during the meeting, select the Security icon and add a check by the Waiting Room option. The option will engage. To move a participant to the Waiting Room, select the Participants icon, move the mouse over the individual, and then choose More, Move to Waiting Room.


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