Zoom: Automatic Transcription or Live Captions


In the most recent UT Zoom environment, real-time transcriptions (captions) may be enabled by the instructor or meeting leader via the meeting toolbar. The following instructions may be useful as you move forward with live transcriptions in Zoom.


Activate Live Transcriptions During a Meeting:

  1. Start the Zoom session
  2. On the toolbar, select the Live Transcript icon
  3. Choose Enable Auto-Transcription
  4. Zoom will start transcribing the spoken word in the session. In most cases, this text will appear at the bottom of the meeting content window.

The screen shot below is of the Live Transcript icon on the meeting toolbar. The leader/host may assign someone to type the transcript in real-time, engage a third-party service, or, Enable the Auto-Transcription.

Example of the Live Transcription icon on the Zoom toolbar.



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