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Zoom, a cloud-based technology, allows faculty, staff, and students to have high-quality interaction in real-time from their computers and mobile devices. Zoom’s web-based conferencing uses high-quality video and audio and is accessible on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android mobile devices. Zoom also includes telephone bridging (not toll-free), so you can bring in participants via telephone as well. The Zoom recording feature will allow you to save a session for future reference and/or send it to those who are unable to attend.

Getting Started 

View the article Zoom: Download Zoom or follow the quick instructions below. 

  1. Visit tennessee.zoom.us and click ‘Download Zoom’ in the lower left of the page.
  2. Open the installer when prompted and follow the installation instructions.
    • For mobile devices, choose the appropriate app store icon for your device on the page provided. 
  3. Once the app is installed, visit this article for information about signing in with the SSO option - Zoom: Log in to Zoom Using SSO (Single Sign-On) at UT


What tools are available in meetings? 

Several tools and meeting controls are available during Zoom meetings: 

  • Unmute/Mute Audio - Activate or mute your own audio. Select the chevron beside the icon to choose an audio device.
  • Start/Stop Video (Webcam) - Active or deactivate your own webcam. Select the chevron beside the icon to choose a webcam.
  • Chat - Post and view chat messages during the session.
  • Share Screen - Share content items such as slide sets, websites, and applications.
  • Whiteboard - Write, draw, or add text while screening sharing. 
  • Record - Record the session and choose to record locally or to the cloud. 
  • Breakout Rooms - Select this icon to create or manage Breakout Rooms in the session.
  • Reactions - Nonverbal feedback icons are available for use on the Reactions icon.
  • End - End the session for all, or, appoint another leader/host and then exit the session.

For more information about available tools and meeting controls, please visit our Zoom Meeting Controls/Tools article category. 

How do I keep my Zoom meetings secure? 

Please visit the Zoom Security Recommendations article for information about securing Zoom meetings. 

Additional meeting security information can be found in the Meeting Security article category. 

What are Zoom Breakout Rooms? 

Zoom breakout rooms allow meeting hosts to split meetings into smaller groups. For additional information about creating and using breakout rooms, visit our Breakout Rooms article category. 

How do I record Zoom meetings? 

Zoom meetings can be recorded and saved on your local device, or they can be saved to your Zoom cloud recordings. For additional information on recording meetings, visit our Meeting Recordings article category. 

How can I share content during a Zoom meeting? 

There are several ways to share content during a Zoom meeting. Hosts and participants can share their screens, and files can be sent out. 

For additional information, visit our Content Sharing article category. 

How can I create Zoom Polls? 

Leaders may add a poll to an existing Zoom session via the UT Zoom page or while in a Zoom meeting. Once polls and quizzes are created, they will be saved to the Polling Library in the Zoom Cloud. Once in the library, a poll may be available for display in all meetings scheduled by the leader. Meeting leaders can have up to 50 polls saved in their library. For information about creating and using Zoom polls, visit our Polling article category. 

How can I track attendance for Zoom meetings? 

If you need to track who was in a Zoom meeting or track poll results, you can create an attendance or poll report. For information about generating an attendance or poll report, visit this article - Zoom: Generate an Attendance Report or a Poll Report



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