Zoom: Log in to Zoom Using SSO (Single Sign-On) at UT ⭐️

Installing the Zoom Client (Recommended)

View the article Zoom: Download Zoom or follow the quick instructions below. 

  1. Visit tennessee.zoom.us and click ‘Download Zoom’ in the lower left of the page.
  2. Open the installer when prompted and follow the installation instructions.
    • For mobile devices, choose the appropriate app store icon for your device on the page provided. Once the app is installed, go to Sign in to Zoom using SSO below.

Sign in to Zoom Using SSO

  1. Open the Zoom desktop app and click ‘SSO.
    Zoom Login
  2. If you are prompted for a company email address, look below the field and choose 'I know my company domain.
  3. In the field provided, enter “Tennessee” and then click ‘Continue.
  4. A browser window will open and prompt you to sign in with your NetID and password, then authenticate with Duo 2FA.
    • *If you are already signed in using CAS in the same browser, you will not be prompted to sign in.
  5. Once you are signed in successfully, you will be prompted to open Zoom. Click the ‘Launch Zoom’ button.
  6. Zoom is now signed in to your UT account and ready to use.
    *To verify you are in the correct UT Zoom account, click the profile icon in the upper right of the Zoom window. You should see an @tennessee.edu address.
  7. To join a meeting or class, either click the Zoom link provided by the meeting host/instructor or click the ‘Join’ button in the Zoom desktop client if you know the meeting ID and password.

Using Zoom via a Web Browser

  1. Click the Zoom link provided by the meeting host or your instructor.
  2. Your default browser will open, and you may be prompted to run the Zoom desktop installer. Cancel the Zoom installer.
  3. On the web page, click the option for ‘join from your browser.
  4. Enter your name and complete the CAPTCHA and click ‘Join.
  5. You will likely get a message that states the meeting is for “authorized attendees only.”
  6. In the message, click the link to ‘Sign into’ Zoom
  7. Sign in using your NetID and password.
  8. Your account profile will show once you have successfully signed in.
  9. Click the Zoom link provided by the meeting host or your instructor again.
    *Alternatively, choose ‘Join a meeting’ in the upper right of your profile page if you know the meeting ID and password.
  10. Your default browser will open and you can click the 'join from your browser’ link.
  11. You will then be joined to the Zoom session in your browser.


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