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Pinned Article NetID: Change Your Password

If you know your current password, you can change it online.

Pinned Article NetID: Create or Reset Your Password

If you do not know your current password or have never set a password, you can reset it online.

Pinned Article NetID: Find Your NetID

How to find out what your NetID is and when you will get it.

NetID: Apply or Remove the Privacy Flag on Your Directory Listing

How to remove the privacy flag if your listing does not show up in the online directory.

NetID: Change NetID Password on a Machine that Authenticates on the UTK Active Directory

How to change your password for your UTK computer that authenticates on the UTK Active Directory.

NetID: Reset a Departmental NetID Password

How to reset a departmental NetID password.

NetID: Update Your Information in the Campus Directory

Information on what directory information can be changed and steps for making changes.