How do I update my information in the campus directory?


You can change the following fields in the Campus Directory:

  • Email Address (Email Aliases)
  • Nickname
  • Office Location (This will not update your office address in the directory. Please see below for instructions on how to update your office address.)
  • Fax Number
  • Cell Phone Number (Mobile Number)
  • Pager
  • HAM Call Sign
  • Web Address (URL)

All other fields must be modified by alternate means. The means vary on classification. 

How To

Strictly Students

If you are only a student and not a UT employee, you will need to update your information by calling the OneStop office at (865) 974-1111 or through MyUTK. 

  • For name and date of birth, contact One Stop at (865) 974-1111
  • For local/home addresses and phone number, you can edit your personal information from the Student Profile section after accessing Self-Service Banner from MyUTK.
  • Classification and college information may not update immediately. Please wait until the end of the current term and check it again. If it is still not correct, contact OneStop at (865) 974-1111.

Students that are also UT Employees (SAs, GAs, etc)

If you are a student and a UT Employee, you will make changes in several places and occasionally, you must make duplicate requests. Please work with One Stop and also with your departmental payroll office or call Human Resources at (865) 946-8847.

  • For Local & Home Addresses, Phone Number, and Classification/College, see above.
  • For name and SSN changes, you must work with OneStop and your departmental payroll office or Human Resources. One Stop's paperwork must be submitted & the Personal Data Form (PDF) must be submitted by the department’s payroll office or Human Resources. Both forms must be processed for the name change to be completely effective.
  • For department name change and office location & office phone number, the Personal Data Form (PDF) must be submitted by the department’s payroll office or Human Resources.


You can contact your departmental payroll office, call Human Resources at (865) 946-8847, or fill out the Personal Data Form (PDF) online. The form will need to be processed before the changes will take effect. 

Information updated with the Personal Data Form:

  • Name
  • SSN
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Permanent Address and Telephone Number
  • Office Address and Telephone Number
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Residence Status


Please contact the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900 and we can assist you with changing your information.


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