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Accounts requests & updates, passwords, Duo two-factor (2FA), & website accounts.

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Password Reset

How do I apply or remove a privacy flag on my directory listing?

How to remove a privacy flag for faculty and staff.

How do I edit/manage my Active Directory (AD) Groups?

Instructions for managing membership of Active Directory (AD) Groups

How do I set up WordPress on the Public Linux Environment (Volweb)?

How to set up WordPress on the Public Linux Environment.

How do I update my information in the campus directory?

Information on what directory information can be changed and steps for making changes.

How often do I have to change my password?

How often your password needs to be changed.

OIT Authentication Services

Lists of Authentication that we support and can enable.

What is a NetID? When will I get my NetID?

How to find out what your NetID is and when you will get it.

Which campus should I contact for support?

A basic guide on who should be contacted for what purpose.