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Accounts requests & updates, passwords, Duo two-factor (2FA), & website accounts.

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Pinned Article NetID: Change Your Password

If you know your current password, you can change it online.

Pinned Article NetID: Create or Reset Your Password

If you do not know your current password or have never set a password, you can reset it online.

Pinned Article NetID: Find Your NetID

How to find out what your NetID is and when you will get it.

AD Groups: Manage/Edit Active Directory (AD) Groups

Instructions for managing membership of Active Directory (AD) Groups

Display Name: Changing How Your Name Appears in Email and UT Systems

This article explains how to update your display name for UT systems such as email, Online@UT (Canvas), myUTK, and Banner.

Email: Keeping Your UT Email Account After Retirement

How to keep your account if you are a retiree.

How often do I have to change my password?

How often your password needs to be changed.

NetID: Apply or Remove the Privacy Flag on Your Directory Listing

How to remove the privacy flag if your listing does not show up in the online directory.

NetID: Update Your Information in the Campus Directory

Information on what directory information can be changed and steps for making changes.

OIT Authentication Services

Lists of Authentication that we support and can enable.

Public Linux Environment: Set Up WordPress on Volweb

How to set up WordPress on the Public Linux Environment.